About CRM

Name: Skyfox

Age: mid-20s

Profession: Freelance journalist/musician of all stripes

Location: The CRM Music Center for Holistic Healing

Interests: Heavy metal, video game music, RPGS and SHMUPS, girls, tube amps, nice guitars, other types of music, Castlevania and Bomberman, computer music trackers and sequencers, recording bands, cosmic love, setting up shows, meeting new people, keeping things generally as fresh as possible in this tragi-comedy.


I try not to support music piracy (YES PIRACY IS A REAL THING). When I post mp3s it is because the albums are imports or no longer in print. They might also be unreleased video-game soundtracks. If the albums do not fall into these categories, I will remove the mp3s within a couple of months.

All writing is © 2007-2011 Chaos Rex Machinae


2 Responses to “About CRM”

  1. Just read a large portion of your blog and figured you might enjoy this:

  2. Ah, that is pretty legit stuff. Sounds like some ambient electronica/glitch horse-hair fiddle!

    Now I don’t know what’s more awesome here: the fact that you showed me something musically slick, or that someone out there has actually read my blog. Ahahaha!

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