Notodden Kulturkampf

  • Notodden Rock City: sweet Norwegian TV special about Notodden and the substantial bands from there, specifically Emperor, Peccatum and Zyklon. Pretty cool look at the town and so on. Wish there were subtitles or they talked to Ihsahn’s wife, Heidi Solberg more I guess.
  • Also: did you frikking know that Peccatum covered the Judas Priest classic “Under Blood Red Skies”?  It just cracks me up that Ihsahn has bandmates who play in a band called Zyklon (formerly Zyklon B) but he does music covers off the most sexually suggestive Judas Priest album in their discography. Anyhow, they make it all electro and weird and artsy — which is great of course; and it’s back before Ihsahn was a really good/practiced singer, so it has this weird, epic, soulful vibe.
Doesn’t even sound like him anymore:

~ by chaosrexmachinae on May 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Notodden Kulturkampf”

  1. It doesn’t sound like him because it’s not him, it’s Pal Solberg (Lord PZ), Heidi’s brother who does the clean vox on it. Ihsahn only sings in the chorus.

  2. Ah thanks for pointing that out.

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