The internet continues here at the (Heavy Metal) Law Offices of Rex and Machinae. But for how long? Really, the internet seems to be humanity’s final conversation with itself, its chance to share and catalog everything for one last moment before it collapses into oblivion (whilst simultaneously speeding up the process).

So… get the good stuff while you still can. What will you do when all the Youtube middle-men like urs truly have disappeared faster than communication skills in the 21st century? Haha, that question is null and void since we’ll ALL be null and void. Or too busy scavenging for scraps to give a damn about how cool we are.

It’s like when you’re in Sim City 2000 and your city is going all sparkling clean and super bustling but something’s missing and giving you existential malaise and you realize it’s time for Godzilla or a tornado to sweep clean the earth.

Anyway, enough staring into the abyss. That’s not conducive to a fulfilling modern lifestyle! That’s not productive! Nope, you need to buy stuff, especially since ChristmasTM is coming up. So ignore the above and purchase the following:

  • Profound Lore labelmates SAROS have a really awesome second album available at said site. People compare this shit to DEATH, which is apt I guess, but they have more of a US-black metal thing going on in terms of attitude. Cool stuff, really! Hit me up if you want to play DC, guys. (song:  Acrid Plains)
  • The long-running US prog-sludge outfit, U.S. CHRISTMAS has a really cool new full-length available. Apparently they toured for a decade on CD-R releases, but the new stuff is finally up to their standard and worth the money. (song: Suzerain – these cats like them some Cormac McCarthy!)

There are some other bands I would like to plug, but hey there is only so much space on this blog for advertising, right? I mean, CRM posts are rare these days — we’re in a recession! These are frugal times and my blog posts don’t get me laid nearly as often as they used to. But those bands are good, I promise!


~ by chaosrexmachinae on December 12, 2010.

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