The Cosmic Scam

ScamsaraIf you wanna succeed in any social/cultural scene, simply do the following: (a) have lots of enthusiasm/energy for the up-and-coming average youth-driven output, and (b) maintain very mild social opinions on almost everything. But always remember that (c) whatever the group political party line is, towards that you must be zealous and emotional.

The agenda zeal is essential — the agenda is what drives the scene! Yes, you’ll notice as you float cluelessly through life that everyone wants to be ideologically right; in conversation, everyone wishes to be beyond corrections and peer review. Even if we get to the point where we can be polite and non-judgmental in conversations, people still want the RIGHT philosophy in the end. They want to take sides in a religious/political/social/cultural agenda that is an infallible ideological home-run. Because that makes life easy to gauge things by; takes off the stress, ya know? Gets the blood off your hands.

The contrasting social position to take is one of not caring about any issue at all — total disinterest. Because that’s easy too — but it only works when you’re not emotionally involved (by proxy, or when your physical body is not in the equation). Just willing failure in order to escape any sort of responsibility.

Oh well, don’t mind me. It’s just scenery on the path of life, I guess. Happy Thanksgiving by the way, ahahaha!


Steely Dan is a love-it or hate-it type of band, but they are considered essential rad-sauce flavor here at CRM HQ. The Royal Scam is a cash album all the way through. I think “Caves of Altamira” captures the cerebral vibe of the day pretty well:


~ by chaosrexmachinae on November 26, 2010.

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