From the mailbag: Dissection’s Pure Land

Greetings, loyal subjects! Allow me to share with you this pleasant letter from the CRM reader mailbag:

Eternally winning their crusade

I was perusing assorted videos of Dissection and I came across this one from the 1997 Wacken festival in which they perform The Somberlain. I can’t really find a vid of them not coming completely correct (so to speak) at a live show. And there is a particularly intense level of focus in all the live performances of The Somberlain I viewed (recalls “Inno a Satana”), but this one is fvcking magnificent. I’m telling you, these guys are the pure light that is Satan’s gaze upon the world.

After singing the praises of the later Dissection drummer, I have to say the one playing this show (Tobias Kjellgren, I think) does a killer job. All around they pretty much own. I don’t know how familiar you are with the song, but I find the vocals more spot on and chilling than they were in the album version.

Lord of infernal, gather my strength.
Carry me through the gates.

Man, if the Ghostbusters hadn’t broken up…they would be fighting to keep Jon Nodtviedt in a painting right now.

Zazas, Zazas


~ by chaosrexmachinae on November 22, 2010.

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