Some sick underground metal bands touring this summer

The secret of the ooze....

There are a ton of thrash bands coming out in the US metal scene. While it will get stale pretty quick, there are a lot of people doing new and interesting things and or just writing excellent music. Here are a handful of solid underground metal bands that are touring this summer (particularly in North America). I’ll give you a brief rundown of why they’re awesome, but clearly you should just click on their MySpace links rather than read my impromptu journalistic brilliance.

  • Fatal is a serious thrash metal band from Florida with some doom-y breakdowns and gorgeous German thrash (Kreator, Sodom) worship. Their technical playing is incredibly tight, they have catchy choruses (imagine that!) with vocals that vary between shouts/barks and classic thrash/death singing (Obituary, anyone?), they use really tasteful production flourishes for certain sections and have clever/classy arrangements that place them a notch or two higher than most solid thrash metal bands that have surfaced in the last few years. They’re real fucking good, ya dig? And their solos are high-quality.
  • Ramming Speed is a fantastic Boston thrash-metal band that has been attaining notoriety on the DIY metal circuit in the past few years. Their new album is just dropping and they’re promoting it with a European tour. I wish the guys the best of luck, as they’re one of my favorite US thrash bands at the moment! I wholeheartedly recommend you check these guys out, buy a CD, and try to see them the next time you can.
  • Inter Arma – I mentioned these guys before, because when I saw them live they totally blew me away. They’ll be touring this summer, and you could probably help book ’em a tour-date if you live in the Mid or Northeastern USA. See ’em live and see what all the commotion here at CRM COMMAND CENTER is all about!
  • The Gloominous Doom is a Pennsylvania band that shares some compositional similarities to the solid Richmond band, Battlemaster, in that they combine gritty American thrash metal with the harsh, black/Viking metal of classic Enslaved. The result is a technically interesting mix of classic LotR/Pagan fantasy elements, toilet humor, somber melody and thrash excellence. The band and song names are pretty strange, and I don’t really resonate with their potty humor, but some of the music is great ( “The Desolation of Smaug”!). Check their MySpace to see when they’ll be playing near you.
  • The Athens, Ohio group, Skeleton Witch has gotten pretty big in recent years and will be playing a lot of dates throughout the west coast and south and south-western US. They’re a solid blackened thrash metal band and have some really slick riffage and songwriting going on in their last album, Beyond the Permafrost. I’ve had that one on rotation in my car pretty consistently. I like their stuff a lot; think of really good Scandic death metal (maybe mid-period The Crown) mixed with old-school Helloween dual-guitar riffage and classic Bay-area thrash.

~ by chaosrexmachinae on June 24, 2009.

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