Get Hip!

  • A friend of mine just started a slick new music blog with a metal focus, called Sour Lows. Looks tight so far, so check that piece! You probably are not going to find many better tips on the current metal scene.
  • Another certain friend is posting bomb-ass chip-scene music links on his Twitter page, Hyperfail. Who is this mystery man? Let’s just say this cat is from a certain city against whom the Washington Capitals are currently competing against in a feisty play-off series, and he’s mentioned in like every substantial post on this here music blog. Get ’em while they’re hot!
  • Some pals of mine, the venerable grindcore outfit Magrudergrind, are about to release their new full-length album. It was recorded by Kurt Ballou (of Converge fame) and what I’ve heard so far is insanely crisp, heavy and energized. I don’t care that much about hardcore/grindcore now that I’m an old man, but if you like extreme punk’d out music with attitude and you don’t like Magrudergrind — you dumb.
  • I have been spending mad internet time over on the Reaper forums. For anyone who hasn’t figured this obvious piece of information out yet, Reaper is a really sick DAW and is dirt-cheap (it’s programmed by the guy who made Winamp and then sold it for a bajillion dollar moneys to AOL/Time Warner back in the late ’90s). I daresay Reaper is single-handedly pushing affordable, nearly free, audio software to a new echelon and is going to be a serious risk to Pro-Tools/Cubase/Logic sales in the near future.So! if you are delusional enough to think you have talent and that it’s worth recording your music and figuring out how to mix and master it, then by all means — join the caravan…
  • Looks like I’m laying down some tracks this weekend for my sick, sick metal project that has been in the works for years now. You’ve been warned — this is going to rock really damn hard. I mean, can you imagine what this charming narcissist sounds like behind a musical instrument? I’m engineering/producing this baby, doing half of the guitars and bass, programming drums and performing vox, and then (finances permitting) sending it on over to the talented, reasonably priced people at Wired Wrists studios. Ah but this is irrelevant to CRM, since I keep my own musical projects separate from said webspace (however, I did randomly decide to pull an old-person-trying-to-be-cool trick, and grow a MySpace).

~ by chaosrexmachinae on May 10, 2009.

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