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Kurt is posin'Well, believe it or not, once upon a time this blog was updated regularly. Save your griping, as I know it all too well already — ” Chaos is burnt out”, “snarkitty-snark, I knew he’d give up eventually,” “lol how do u burn thos emp3s?”, “when u gon write about FF 7?”, etc. I get it all the time. It is teh old newz.

I wonder if I have overextended myself with this blog, though. It is awesome, I agree, but the problem is that it’s too wide; I don’t focus enough on niche genres to draw a consistent crowd. And to boot, I don’t spend a lot of time uploading albums for my readers to illegally download, so I feel eclipsed by all the other young ‘n spicy MP3 blogs out there. However, since you read music blogs just to one-up other people in the social niche cool factor, I may still be helping you champion that cause.

I am a cool cat, in that regard (which was what again?). And a musician. So…


Why are musicians cool?

  1. They don’t hate their lives (Kurt Cobain excepted)
  2. They are legitimately creative people
  3. They are way more socially experienced than you — and even most businessmen and schmoozers; they are just less conniving

Think about it: musicians are willing to live in poverty, fore-go higher education or the fruits of its labor, stay up late every night, and hold down precarious jobs which they have to routinely quit or leave to go on tour, on which they often lose money and in the process only have the luxury of sleeping on couches or in vans. A musician’s life is un-glamorous.

And to add to the mix, let’s not forget that almost nobody makes it as a pro musician. It’s like trying to be a professional athlete, movie star, freelance writer, chef, or martial artist. This is a tough (dareisay dumb?) game.

And then let’s try balancing a successful love-life or family on top of that; or a career and friendships; home-ownership, as well as time to write and record more songs without getting creatively burnt out. Sure, plenty of folks have it rough in a similar way — the military, contractors for oil rigs and commercial maritime vessels, adjunct professors, the aforementioned careers before going pro, and so on. Hell, anybody who’s emigrating from an impoverished country to work for low wages in a rich superpower is making similar sacrifices, but in their case it’s more understandable and perhaps necessary.

Ahaha, what am I beginning to sound like I romanticize the gritty lifestyle a bit? Does this sound a little… perverse? Tootin’ my own horn?

Nah, you’re reading into it too much. But I’m starting to think about a point a reader recently contributed to my old post about Judas Priest. Namely, he said that the problem with a lot of mainstream music today, and particularly “Indie Rock” and related genres, is that they are often intentionally subversive niche genres — they are comprised of people from a cultural dominant who intentionally choose to be in a selective, ostracized minority group of society, who would not be so otherwise (but we can also say that no group is the cultural dominant in modern society).

But hey — doesn’t that describe anybody who chooses to be a musician or anything else which possesses an extremely remote chance of success — unless one possesses the golden tri-force of dedicated work ethic, luck and talent? It’s open willfulness to be someone who lives a life of uncertainty, amidst compromise of job security (ha!) and the safety of being average. People do it all for different reasons, sure; and poseurs be damned. But what is this stupid choice?

I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before, put much more eloquently…

Some of envy
Some of fear
Admonish by the graves of those who fell
Praise the fool that pure of heart
Leaps off your finger
Into grace

–Emperor, “An Elegy of Icaros”


~ by chaosrexmachinae on May 5, 2009.

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