Inter Arma = Rock ‘n Roll

RNR, d00dz!I saw one of the best shows of my life on Saturday night, by a band from Richmond called Inter Arma. They played with Ilsa, Lost Again, and Cough — all excellent bands in their own right (all worth checking out — Ilsa and Lost Again are DC locals; Cough is from Richmond), but Inter Arma totally slayed me. This is all the more insane, because I am a high-fallutin’ snob who is never impressed by live shows.

Inter Arma comes from Richmond, VA which has always had a thriving music and metal scene. The bigger names to come from Richmond in recent years areĀ Municipal Waste, Lamb of God (formerly Burn the Priest), Battle Master, the long-since-disbanded Page 99/Page Ninety-Nine, and of course, the brilliant GWAR. As you know, those bands basically all rule. And there are plenty others I’m surely forgetting.

Inter Arma’s live sound mixing/set-up was absolutely professional, even though this was a basement show. The band members (particularly the singer and drummer) were practically virtuosos. The band’s style is a kind of progressive blackened doom-thrash hybrid. It’s similar to some of the common things going on in the metal scene at the moment, but it is a very innovative take on the usual technical metal and doom trends.

Not only were the compositions and arrangements phenomenal, but the band’s songs and performance had an incredible sense of dynamics. This is something absent from 95% of the bands that exist — black metal, indie rock, punk, hardcore, thrash, doom (okay, with doom it’s somewhat excusable). Their shows become kinda monotonous a few songs into the set, because the initial thrill of their live heaviness or attitude or audio aesthetic becomes absorbed and wears off. Not so, here.

To top it off, the guys in the band were really cool! — very nice, decent and laid-back folks, and their handful of Richmond friends that came with them were really bad-ass as well. An awesome crew all-round — I recorded an interview with them that I’m hoping to get online sometime in the near future. In the meantime, check the couple of tracks these cats have on their MySpace page. The recordings don’t really do the band justice, particularly compared to their live show, but they have a full-length coming out in a few months. I’ll be sure to mention it here.

I was one of maybe ten people in the audience — the show wasn’t promoted and there was a big doom/metal show going on up in Baltimore on the same night. What a fucking personal treat! I hope these guys agree to come down to DC and play again — I’ll be sure to help promote the show next time around.


Inter Arma on MySpace:
Cough on MySpace:
Ilsa on MySpace:
Lost Again on MySpace:


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