Soul Sequence: Rex Machinae

Johnny 5 ALIVEThese days it seems like every last one of you has been knocking down my door with the same string of questions: “What in the blazes is the blog on about these days? Madonna?! Embedded Youtube videos?! Is this 4 real? What happened to you, beloved Fretbored CRM Simonious Punk, Esq.? Where are my Sega Genesis MP3s (and how do you rip those dang things, anyway??)?” But all I can say is this: things are only changing for the better around here — just wait and find out! And that’s no joke, although this blog does occasionally make jokes, believe it or not.

I find it somewhat…. ironic, that the main kind of ‘lectronic music that I write is often chiptune/tracker music. I say “ironic” because chiptunes are like the “low-fi” end of the spectrum of electronic synthesis and music production. Not that I myself would define it as low-fi in any sense, but it does share some aesthetic similarities with the whole “post-punk” cash crop. Besides that, it reeks of retro-cyberpunk noir and childhood nostalgia molded into saccharine auditory visions. It’s impossible to resist such overwhelming charm. Chiptunes = robots + emotions.

Most electronic music is done with exceptional production values. In fact, the final aesthetics on the production are probably a bigger factor in electronic music than almost any other kind of music. House, trance, IDM, DnB, glitch, etc. just don’t really exist without high-end samples and synth patches. So I find a lot of people who produce or record or engineer music also are “electronic musicians” or whatever, and vice-versa. And I, like many folks, find the production of the sounds to be the most interesting aspect of techno (uh, along with the songwriting and collage/cut-up/sequencing composition of course!).

Since I horrified you all with some raw new Madonna yesterday Tuesday, let’s up the ante and rock out to some popular Euro-dance techno. What have we got to lose (except our daily blog stats)?

Soulwax – Too Many DJs


~ by chaosrexmachinae on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Soul Sequence: Rex Machinae”

  1. You know, I’ve long had an obsession with “hi-fiing” low-fi sounds in my own electronica. Not that I’ve necessarily pulled it off, but I think I would consider it a main muse of mine, it “torments” me (I guess you could say). I’m convinced that it is possible. Keeping that low-fi feel while maintaining greater dynamics, a full frequency spectrum, and wide stereo field. Maybe that’s why I love groups like Modeselektor and The Prodigy so much, I think they’re touching on that whole idea.

  2. Yo, RR — thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah, if you believe Wikipedia, The Prodigy used Propellerhead’s Reason on some of their albums. This is interesting because, as I mentioned to you, Reason is one of the affordable mid-range programs I’ve been tweaking with lately — and it falls right into what you’re talking about here: making low-fi sounds occupy a deeper spectrum of sound.

    Not that Reason isn’t a great program in its own right — but it ain’t no Reaktor!

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