I’ve heard it all before, you know

old-skool-XTC?It seems like only yesterday Madonna was taking off her clothes in music videos, on bangin’ tracks like “La Isla Bonita” and uh… well, I didn’t really like Bedtime Stories, to be honest. You know, old Madonna is more of my thing (as it was for Harvey Keitel’s character in Reservoir Dogs and every other hipster like me or you).

Ah, but it was only yesterday that she was taking her clothes off in front of the ‘lectric eye! Or only last year or whatever — because Madonna has been stripping in all her recent videos, such as this one here: “Sorry”. But I can credit her (producers) for the fact that her most recent singles have been her best songs in a long time. Blah, yeah I know, you don’t agree; I’ve sold out or am an idiot. At least one of these things is true, but! good dance music is something that I am prone to get down with, despite the fact that I do not actually dance — at least not in locations where there are cameras or human beings (animals are okay though, because they save their penetrating social judgment for more humiliating human actions/blunders, like global warming and online dating).

So I guess it’s cool that Madonna still takes off her clothes. I don’t know. I don’t even notice it anymore; it’s so “par for the course,” wouldn’t you agree, my dear [google-referred page statistic]? But there are other typical Madonna (and modern pop/dance/hip-hop) things going on in this video. Let’s see: there’s a bunch of super cut, stylish male dancer types (friends of mixed ethnicities, of course!) who get playfully shafted from the cool party the main character (Madonna & co.) are going to (but let’s not kid ourselves — these are the only guys with a remote chance of seeing action in this scenario); there are a bunch of folks who would never actually be at a dance party getting a suspicious amount of mad respect for their dorky moves (body builder, nerd, etc.) as well as Madonna’s much younger, ethnically diverse dance crew. Are we inverting the concept of rejection? Accepting freaks and denying “cool” bamas? It’s really deep now that I think about it… What this all means, I have no idea, but I’m sure it’s at least as real as the advertisements and TV shows and films I subject myself to on a weekly basis.

But I gauge it the way I gauge all good dance music: effectively melodic, simplistically catchy, well-produced, and somewhat melancholy — it creates an emotional cocktail that emulates how the alcohol starts to hit you at the club when you realize you’re crashing and burning your one shot at love.

(Was this the first CRM post to end in a rhyme?!)


~ by chaosrexmachinae on March 3, 2009.

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