Jack play violins

Oh man, that was a sad post the other day. Really, truly, amazing Fist of the North Star track on there though. Take my word for it — top o’ the pile synth meisterwerke. I know, you’re thinking, “is Chaos this dense? Does he really think that kind of composition is what I come to his kitschy blog for?” Ah, no matter, it’s all dust in the wind (dust n’ bones, haha). Wonderful song, though, no doubt.


Deadly VIOLINSJapanese anime is kind of funny, and by funny I mean mind-boggling. There are a million different genres within anime, divided initially into shounen and shoujo manga/anime for boys ‘n girls respectively. And then for each there are mecha anime, high school anime, fight anime, fantasy anime, historical anime, anime based on famous books, romantic anime, slice-of-life-what-the-heck-is-the-point anime, cyberjunkie and sci-fi anime, anime spoofs and satire, sports anime (kind of like battle anime, but not at all), and so on. And then there are live-action shows from anime, anime movies, computer games, anime-within-anime, “fanime”, and so forth unto infinity and beyond.

And more infamous than a lot of these, are the genres of ecchi and hentai, which are “fanservice” and anime porn, basically. This is all old news for you, I know — I apologize. This blog is about as cutting-edge as the RCA Mark II at the onset of FM Synthesis. But yeah, beneath hentai lies the even crazier (to you, at least. I’m sure some people think it’s normal…somewhere……) genre of guro. Which is pretty much just what it sounds like — gore/goreporn. Except, it’s drawn and animated, so it’s much more horrifying in many ways than just a horror movie, and maybe even real life. I will say, the most sickening stuff I’ve seen in visual-narrative format has come from Japan. Google it if you’re interested, ’cause I ain’t.

But it’s related…. eventually. I was browsing through ’80s and ’90s anime themes (natch, considering I posted Fist of the North Star the other day) and one that really stuck out to me was from one of the OVA (video releases) of an old show called Violence Jack. The show itself is insanely violent stuff, banned in Australia and a bunch of places. It’s not like straight-up torture I guess, but watching it is maybe kinda close to doing bad things in real life.

But don’t worry, the clip has no violent imagery. Chaos ‘N Crew Associates host nothing but the highest-quality family entertainment for it’s viewers — that’s a guarantee! Check out how minimalist and rockin’ this spiel is right here…

Incidentally, or should I say, unsurprisingly this song was ripped by the same cat who did the prior post’s Fist of the North Star Youtube posting. It seems he’s ripping it from vinyl or something — what’s with those weird drops in the mix?


~ by chaosrexmachinae on February 11, 2009.

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