Power Metal Speech Writer

churchieDon’t worry, this isn’t a political post (what do you take me for, anyway?). But really, an amazing number of people have bought the recent Obama drama — hook, line and sinker. Not that I’m opposed in any way, I’m just impressed at the number of usually cynical or critically-minded people who are ecstatically exuberant over Obama’s recent political appointment.

One thing you hear about Obama is what a good public speaker he is. Which is really what we should expect of any political leader. Because what does a political speaker do except get us all pumped and inspired in a stoic and romantic fashion? That’s what they do. For a living.

You know what else does that? Really good metal! Ahaha! Surprise! Yeah, that’s right, the epic sentiments really good political speakers manifest is often very similar to that same drive put forth by classic melodic metal. Of course, the ‘twain never shall meet because most bands that get political are completely retarded on a variety of levels. Also because singing about politics is stupid (it’s just more political propaganda).

But really badass epic speeches, really romantic nationalism, when does it work really well when paired with heavy metal? Actually it seems to be pretty big in the black metal scene right now. *gulp*

Overall, I think maybe this is the best example of politico-fused metal, because it leaves the politics out and exclusively uses the epic feeling and sentiment:

Oh man, using that bomber footage… that’s just cheating! Pretty funny that the video was made during the Thatcher years, eh?


~ by chaosrexmachinae on November 12, 2008.

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