The artistic depths of Chaos…

…are actually rather embarrassing. Y’see, while cleaning out my… lair the other day, I found some old, slick, classy artwork I drew as a kid (as freakin’ imago). At first I thought it would be embarrassing to post these gems on the internets, but then I realized that my whole damn blog is incredibly embarrassing! In fact, life itself is but one giant embarrassment. Our entire identities are nothing but perpetually self-created imperfections! *brain freeze*

To give you an idea of how the cleaning process has been going: remember in the classic Miyazaki/Ghibli animated flick, Spirited Away, when Sen has to clean that gross, gigantic river creature? That’s what cleaning my room out has been like over the last few days. It’s not so much that my room is messy, but that there are so many compacted layers of hidden mysterious artifacts — it is like a pagan burial ground.

From the depths of this madness and in theme with my recent colossal Shinobi III post, I present to you some of the finest Shinobi III artwork to ever grace a composition notebook. It’s so clear that I was intentionally referencing the crude caricature work of George Grosz.

The resemblance is uncanny

Which one is the game?!

My inner world was far more violent than anything Shinobi III could muster

Again, my own creation is almost more of a likeness than the original game screen

“He who fights monsters, must himself be careful not to become monster.” – Nietzsche. The names of the characters solves that potential spiritual whirlpool. Now everyone can remember who they are!

I used to send this kind of stuff to Game Players magazine almost every week, back in the day. Looking back on that I am rather amused because, as I mentioned once before, sending artwork to GP from Switzerland (where we was livin’) was really expensive. My dad used to get so aggravated by my frequent mailings, not because of the pricey shipping, but because I was so utterly untalented at drawing. A hahaha!

"Humans AGAIN? When are you gonna draw some caaatttsss!!!!"

“Humans again? When you gonna draw some caaaaaaats….”


~ by chaosrexmachinae on July 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “The artistic depths of Chaos…”

  1. Yes, but did GP ever print any? Because if they did, you should hunt down that issue and frame it

  2. Ha, no. They wanted people with artistic talent. My life has been one of broken dreams.


    I still own pretty much every GP issue from when I was a subscriber. I’m gonna do a “best of Game Players” post in the near future which should be good.

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