Mercyful Failu…Success!

Like a lot of naive young whipper-snappers, once upon a time I was partial to Metallica. But I was partial to all Metallica, because all Metallica sucks equally (if you can understand what I mean by that). I don’t buy the “old Metallica” tag people throw around, attempting to salvage their crappy musical opinion by sounding elite. The game is up when you reveal you like Metallica in any shape or form!

This isn’t the point of my post, and this is more in line for someone like Metal Inquisition, but I think it’s annoying how “hardcore kids” all think old Metallica is amazing. There are numerous hardcore bands named after old Metallica songs: Whiplash, Seek & Destroy, Trapped Under Ice, Phantom Lord, blah blah blah. It’s also funny that the same people don’t like old Megadeth as much, when all of the good jams on those old Metallica albums were either co-penned by Dave Mustaine or straight ripped from Mercyful Fate!

Mercyful Fate, particularly their two albums, Melissa and Don’t Break the Oath, are pinnacles of proto-blackened thrash metal. I could write a whole review of the album, tell you how it’s before King Diamond scribbled all over his albums with falsetto vox and horror concept albums and so on — but I won’t do that.

Instead, I’m just going to post the lyrics from the lead track off of Melissa (from 1984), called “Evil”. If you ever needed proof that KD is both insane and evil, behold:

I was born on the cemetery
Under the sign of the moon
Raised from my grave by the dead
I was made a mercenary
In the legions of hell
Now I’m king of pain, I’m insane

You know my only pleasure
Is to hear you cry
I’d love to hear you cry
I’d love to feel you die
And I’ll be the first
To watch your funeral
And I’ll be the last to leave
I’d love to hear you cry

And when you’re down beyond the ground
I’ll dig up your body again
And make love to shame
Oh lady cry, and say goodbye
Oh lady cry, and say goodbye

You’ve gotta say goodbye
‘Cause I will eat your mind

Very sophisticated. I think the poor grammatical choices only lend to the bizarre qualities of this masterpiece. The line, “Now I’m the king of pain, I’m insane” is effing brilliant, no qualms there. But “when you’re down beyond the ground”? I think the word he’s searching for, in this case, is beneath.

And I totally keep expecting the last word in the song to be “brain”. Doesn’t that sound more in line with the whole horror-zombie-gore motif? “Mind” has such a metaphysical and intangible ring to it.

Ah, but I’m just being finicky! The song is great, lyrics aside. Don’t be afraid, kids!

Now compare those lyrics to the track “Jump in the Fire” off of Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All:

Down in the depths of my fiery home
The summons bell will chime
Tempting you and all the earth
to join our sinful kind
There is a job to be done and I’m the one
You people make me do it
Now it is time for your fate and I won’t hesitate
to pull you down into this pit

So come on
Jump in the Fire
So come on
Jump in the Fire

With hell in my eyes and with death in my veins
The end is closing in
Feeding on the minds of man
and from their souls within
My disciples all shout to search out
And they always shall obey
Follow me now my child not the meek or the mild
But do just as I say

So come on
Jump in the Fire
So come on
Jump in the Fire

Jump by your will or be taken by force
I’ll get you either way
Trying to keep the hellfire lit
I am stalking you as prey
Living your life as me I am you you see
There is part of me in everyone
So reach down grab my hand walk with me through the land
Come home where you belong

So come on
Jump in the Fire
So come on
Jump in the Fire

Amazing. Metallica manages to butcher both the campy charm and the genuinely dark elements found in Mercyful Fate. “Satanism” in a neat little consumer package! Although really, Metallica might’ve been more interesting had they continued to pursue this line of thinking. The dumber Satanic bands keep writing the same lyrics over and over because they know if they stop, they’ll turn into Metallica.

BTW — Roadrunner seems to be doing one of those budget double-disc releases with early Mercyful Fate, so if you’re one of the three people alive who both still buys CDs and doesn’t own Melissa, now’s as good a time as any!


~ by chaosrexmachinae on July 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mercyful Failu…Success!”

  1. I don’t know…
    Master of Puppets vs. “Gimmie Fuel Gimmie Fire Gimmie That Which I Desire?” C’mon, theres a quality rift. “That Which I desire?” Just the phrasing of that sentence is a bit too proper to rock, ya feel me?

  2. …not really. Sarcasm? Or are you implying the song is actually about going to hell (since they sold/lost their souls long ago) instead of cars?

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