Citric acid dreams

Last week I was privy to watch a crucially cheesy ’80s piece of cinema, called Heartbreakers. I picked it up for $0.50 at a video store where one of my friends works. The film is well worth watching if you know people who can make excellent MST-3K-type commentary. You can read my full analysis here.

Since it’s a pinnacle of 1980s style and filmmaking (it was done in ’84, in LA no less!) it obviously has legitimately gaudy style and music. We’re talking bright neon colors so lavish the viewer can’t even read the opening credits. But the music is no joke: it’s excellent. It was done by Tangerine Dream, a German electronica outfit, whom for some ridiculous reason I had not yet heard before seeing this film.

Their music is positively excellent. Maybe it’s just my twisted taste and palette, but I find their synth-exclusive ’80s music crosses this beautiful fine line between dance and ambient electronica which is just purr-fect. One of those aesthetic sounds you always knew existed out there somewhere (with good composition!) but didn’t know where. The soundtrack to this one constantly wavers between the dance and electronica elements, changing appropriately to the scenes.

Unfortunately I have no clue as to where the soundtrack to this baby might be, so I’ll just give you some samples of Tangerine Dream excellence and you can find the rest yourself.

Here’s an excerpt from the 1983 album, Hyperborea:

Tangerine Dream – Hyperborea, Part 1 (excerpt) – Hyperborea (1983)

And here’s a little sample from the album, Melrose:

Tangerine Dream – Rolling Down Cahuenga (excerpt) – Melrose (1990)

If you’re at all a fan of Vangelis, Yuzo Koshiro, Jan Hammer, Susumu Hirasawa, various Sega CD soundtracks, Kitaro, Mark Knoppfler, or analog synthesizers from the 1970s and ’80s, you might just go crazy for Tangerine Dream.

*BTW/FYI: Melrose was actually rereleased on CD/MP3 recently.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on May 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Citric acid dreams”

  1. you know I’ve never been a tangerine dream fan because I was always paranoid that it’s secretly new age music, but those tracks were pretty excellent. you might want to check out ash ra tempel too. I’ve never heard him before but I’ve had it described as tangerine dream with more guitars

  2. Well, according to Wikipedia, Tangerine Dream started out as some kind of art-house band and the band leader, Edgar Froese used to practice with Salvidor Dali. Which actually doesn’t improve his reputation as far as I’m concerned, hee hee… But I’m pretty sure this stuff isn’t new age. I might as well start posting full mp3s of this stuff.

    Incidentally, I have heard the Ash Ra Temple album, Inventions for Electric Guitar and I feel it’s pretty insane that they get the neo-dub/synth sound out of guitars with delay loops. Good stuff.

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