I swear I don’t make this stuff up… (more Washington Post goodies!)

There’s a movie adaptation of Iron Man that just came out in major theaters, and while I’m sure sitting through the movie is an inspired and moving experience (like watching any other Marvel film adaptation, of course), reading the printed reviews of it ranks even higher in the echelons of cheesy entertainment.

For me, the performance of Robert Downey, Jr. is best encapsulated by this quote from Ann Hornaday in today’s Style section of the Washington Post:

… this is where casting Downey was a stroke, if not of Stark genius, then at least of intelligence: Oceans of soul rage and roil behind those melted-chocolate eyes, and perhaps no actor alive better conveys arrogance, weakness, humor and self-awareness by simply being.

Who’s writing this? Heidegger? I swear, they should just stock the Post in the tabloid aisles of grocery stores. Not that I’m complaining or anything… I read tabloids too! I just don’t think much of them as soon as they’re out of my direct line of vision. The Post on the other hand, haunts me for a good 30 seconds!

*Note the brilliant triple-entendre use of “Stark” as a pun. Classy! Of course, since casting him as Tony Stark wasn’t actually “genius”, the pun becomes a little forced…


~ by chaosrexmachinae on May 2, 2008.

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