The Washington Post Does it Again!

They nailed it! The Washington Post has unveiled another potent piece on the metal subculture, about Jaxx Nightclub no less! You can find it in yesterday’s Style section.

Eh, but do you think the article is making light of metal in its half-hearted investigation? Tsk, tsk — methinks it are possible. I recall a year ago, when they wrote up a blurb about the Enslaved/Dark Funeral show at Jaxx, which I was actually present to witness. At this show, it was the ever-potent Enslaved‘s performance which stole the night (or day?). So imagine my chagrin, when Dark Funeral was “praised” instead — thus exposing The Post’s severely lacking background in metal roots, history, enthusiasm and street cred. The little article only mentioned Enslaved in passing, and said nothing in the process…about the scene, music or anything.

I know you’re saying, “Chill out, Chaos! It’s just a metal show.” Maybe so, but imagine the shame I felt as a concert-goer when there was a really good extensive New York Times article about the same tour when it played the Big Apple. An article which covered Enslaved‘s music, history and beliefs. I guess The Post caught word of that one at the last second and decided to feign interest.

A-ha! So this time, the Post has learned from their mistakes (and from the scolding letters me and my mates delivered post-haste last time!) and has written a longer feature, including some info about the club Jaxx, interviewing several peeps including the owner — who doesn’t even like metal apparently.

And which artist is at the heart of this article, might you ask? Why, Dark Funeral of course! I am now wondering why The Washington Post has such a penchant for Dark Funeral’s music, considering it’s so… run-of-the-mill.

But! But but but…. I became suspicious that the post was not in fact trying to appeal to me or any of its other fair readers with a review of palatable interest — but that it may even be making light of the young metal ones!

“But Chaos, that’s ridiculous! Why would anyone intentionally make metal look foolish?” Ha ha! But won’t you see, they plucked some rather unappealing interview subjects to accompany the story. I have posted the front of the article below. See what you think:

Mommy helped me put on my corpse paint!

To be honest, it sounds like nobody at The Post likes metal or wants anything to do with it. I presume they have one or two people who are willing to put the effort in to write about it once every few months, thus convincing old people that the paper covers a wide variety of music.

Okay, fair enough; newspaper journalism has been suffering lately. But it’s really damn annoying that they can’t even determine who is a good metal band, what makes a good metal performance, and just rely on describing the tacky now ancient trends of corpsepaint and blood on the stage, as if it were breaking news. Give me a break!

It seems that when one is well-acquainted with the genre/subgenre on which a newspaper/magazine publishes an article, the lackluster journalism/writing and general shortcomings in attitude become strikingly apparent. Although I didn’t go to this show (not a chance — unless The Post wants to pay me, ho ho! (I’m serious)), the article covered Dark Funeral and (yet again!) barely mentions the other headlining act, Naglfar. And Naglfar is so much better! Yargh! Dark Funeral must know someone working at The Post, have one hell of a publicist, or just have a “deal with the devil”. Get it? Ah, it might need to sink in for a moment…*

Oh yeah, make sure you read the last paragraph from the page I posted. Is that guy for real or was he first hosed with 10 free beers by the newspaper interviewer?

It’s good article material, I suppose…

Well, from all of this we can conclude that the Style section of The Post is tragically unhip. And even more tragic is the fact that it’s the only section I read. And I read it every day. I’m not kidding.


*This is seriously the kind of tongue-in-cheek writing these articles have.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on March 3, 2008.

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