More Dungeon Crawling From the Book of Genesis: Warriors of the Eternal Sun

Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun is a really old console RPG for the Sega Genesis. It’s pretty decent if you can get into it, and a significant portion of the game utilizes the camera angle first characterized by the Ultima series. It’s the classic 3/4 view, the primitive, dull version of what came later with games like Diablo or Fallout or Planescape: Torment or even Landstalker and Breath of Fire.

It’s PARTY TIME. Get it? *Sigh*

The plot is pretty bonkers. I’ve never beaten the game, so I can’t vouch for any insane plot-twists or what-have-you — although I’ve heard hints about them. The plot is really close to AD&D: Eye of the Beholder, meaning it’s a Dungeons & Dragons game. Whilst fighting a race of goblins, your castle-town has been transported mysteriously through a void into another dimension, to a valley where the sun always shines, and your team of characters has to uncover what’s going on. If that plot sets your hairs on end, then this might be a game for you, Junior!

You’re still not getting my Bud Light, Johnny.

As one would expect, the music in this baby is classic Genesis. They use a lot of the tones heard in many early Genesis/Megadrive games, like X-Men, Kid Chameleon, or Thunderforce. That sort of dull, but percussive bass drum and bass line — you know the one! There is also a decent amount of mild sine waves, which effectively emulate woodwind and reed sounds. In fact, the “Wizard Theme” in this game brings to mind melancholic, romantic medieval life (or fantasy) better than real madrigal tunes. And that is A-OK with this guy right here.

D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun – Wizard Theme – Sega Genesis, 1992
D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun – City Destroyed – Sega Genesis, 1992

And how gorgeous and inspiring are the title and city themes? I would hire these gents to play music in my court.

D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun – Title Theme – Sega Genesis, 1992
D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun – City Theme – Sega Genesis, 1992

What amuses me, is just how those mild sine and triangle waves create sounds that are so authentically melancholy and texturally pleasing to the ear. Their frequencies are able to create the vibrancy of a reed/woodwind instrument so majestically. Plus, as you probably know by now, this handsome blog poster just adores bleak, melodic and brooding music. That’s why there are so many articles here about classic dungeon crawlers. Their music is just fated to be amazing!

My money’s on the beastman: 7

But, the composers also bring out some tricky bass and drum driven adventure themes. The game is totally free roaming (awesome), and when you leave the towns or travel beneath it, you enter dungeons and fight with dirty, filthy beastmen…and sometimes worse. And such a scenario, of course, requires a thumping percussive beat, should you (the gamer) forget that your very life is at stake!

D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun – Journey – Sega Genesis, 1992
D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun – Beastman Combat – Sega Genesis, 1992

The better musical moments do bring to mind portions of Golden Axe III. All three Golden Axe games have glorious music, but the first two are immersed in the aforementioned melancholic, musical miasma, whereas the third has music that’s more akin to wind-surfing on a beach in the Viking age. Ah, I’ll have to show you some other time…

So, yeah. You should probably play this game sometime. It was on those old promo posters that came with the original Sega Genesis. Respect.


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2 Responses to “More Dungeon Crawling From the Book of Genesis: Warriors of the Eternal Sun”

  1. fuck this music is really gorgeous.

  2. It’s like going to church, but in heaven.

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