Some New Links

You may have noticed I added some new links on the sidebars. I just want you to be aware of what they are:

      They both cover a pretty decent variety of things I only mention here occasionally or in passing: folk or psychedelic rock, indie rock, ’70s prog, etc. So check ’em!

          This one’s one of the best video game sites I read. It’s actually one of the only ones I read at this point. It’s author, Jeff, is currently in the midst of counting down the 520 best games of all times, across all platforms. An ambitious project which should make any of you so-called “hardcore gamers” insecure with your own trivial knowledge of the history of this art form. In following it, I’ve been able to find out new games I didn’t even know existed, and unsurprisingly, am being reacquainted with all the more obscure gems I’m a big fan of. It is worth reading, y’all.

          It is a web-embedded chiptunes-playing jukebox, which plays all sorts of old-school chiptunes from Commodore 64 and other old gaming PCs. It runs SID, XM, MOD and other formats in a web-embedded player. It is really, really nice. It’s one of my favorite sites, which I am of course indebted to Jonbro for showing me. The music on sites like this makes me glad to be alive. It’s up there with Kohina‘s live chiptunes webcast.

          It’s the authentic source for all Super Nintendo soundtracks since the beginning, categorized in every possible way. Want to search for Yoko Kanno‘s SNES soundtracks from the early ’90s? No problem. Want every soundtrack Nobuo Uematsu and Yuzo Koshiro did on the system? Every soundtrack to every Squaresoft and Enix game never released in the US? Same deal. It also links you to Winamp plug-ins necessary to play them back.


          If you have any good links that you think I should be aware of that fall under these categories, drop a line or leave a comment.


          ~ by chaosrexmachinae on February 20, 2008.

          2 Responses to “Some New Links”

          1. thanks for the shoutout!

          2. Danke, man.

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