Believe it or not…

…music isn’t everything. That’s right, it might seem like the most important art form in the world, but all art forms have similar characteristics. The elemental foundations of all art forms are the same and each medium of expression has its place (each art has its own muse).

And to top it all off, some people just aren’t genetically predisposed to understand or care about music as much as you or me.

It’s like those friends or family members who love to cook, but are just terrible at it. What makes their cooking terrible is not their lack of enthusiasm or even technical skill; it’s their lack of discernment in quality or an inability to actually taste things deeply. But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad at anything else. They’re just “color-blind” to cooking or taste.

There are also those people who couldn’t or wouldn’t cook even if their life depended on it (and it usually does!). What’s the deal? Aside from laziness, they aren’t naturally inclined to pursue any kind of cooking. So with music it is like this too. And everything in life. Some people can’t make money even when it’s absolutely necessary. And some people are just naturally poised to make money.

Folks sometimes won’t be self-observant enough to recognize what they are and aren’t naturally good at. Especially in our modern consumer-driven society which tries to convince each person of their own genius — at a financial price. Modern society drains people of a lot of introspective time, and subsequently sometimes can allow people to lie to themselves. Now, I think most people do have some skill they’re naturally predisposed to, but… they have to find it first. Which is hard if one doesn’t have the resources to be exposed to a lot of things early on in life.

Genetic predisposition isn’t everything here; there are a lot of other factors at work in any living thing or work of art. But I’ll save that discussion for another post.

You must learn slowly, young grasshopper!


~ by chaosrexmachinae on January 23, 2008.

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