Port O’Brien – Do they dare call themselves Indie Rock music?!

His majesty, the ever-so-foppish Chaos R. Machinae, is not known for his deep love of “Indie Rock”.

His audio library nary ventures forth into that modern pop phenomenon (conventionally known also as emo/goth music) when he sits in contemplation of the infinite mysteries. [Basically, he’s a lazy dude]

Why does he give no quarter unto this modern rock ‘n roll? Perchance because it doesn’t adequately depict an audible landscape suitable to his personal, lofty, colorful ambitions in life?

It is true, as he once spoke over a most scrumptious meal prepared by none other than our very close companion, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee:

“[Indie rock] is vanilla flavored, like the skin color and spiritual nature of those well-to-do people who listen to it”

In regards to such commentary, it is of import that here I remark two things: firstly, before you throw yourself into the endless abyss of flaming and blog revenge, let us indeed recall that his great majesty also has ridiculously lofty views of pomp regarding all modern musical genres.

Secondly, he is no easy-going or emotionally unencumbered man — he whom bears the weight of the universe upon his very brow! The endless trials upon his person are so magnificent in worldly scope, that he is privy to sleep alone at night in frayed undergarments, surrounded by cookie crumbs, his tears and broken dreams while endless reruns of Cheers illuminate the background.

And further still, his musical holiness is innocent of ill preception, for he does so despise the absurdity and futility of genre relegation, that vapid postulation of “scenes” and the vicious type-casting of artists. True musical romance — those gifts of Zeus’ daughters — this beloved necessity of creation has but nothing to do with any so-called genres. It must be ejaculated that, here at CRM, we and our forebearers, declare no participation in any scene or genre! We naturally swallow and disassemble those categorical prisons akin to shame and vengeance upon a family of ill political wiles!

And precisely what is the purpose of this proclamation?

To express that with utmost pleasure we do so recommend the remarkable assembly of Californian folk musicians, known as Port O’Brien. By all unseemly terminology they might be an “Indie Rock” act — guilty by association — but nay! they should not (and will not!) be lambasted by such nincompoopery or journalistic poppycock!

For they play to the sound of the Pacific sea, of a young life spent agaze at the stars on the beach and with a dame of nary 20 or 25 years in one’s arms, and further with no literal vocabulary to proclaim the triumphant luck of such an exceptional manifestation in this cosmic ocean of thoughts! Only its very celebration and musical expression!

Go now, my readers, and find the good fortune of light-hearted, inspired folk artistry in the hands of the Port O’Brien architects! MP3s are ripe to be plundered upon their very website!

Preview ’em here: http://www.portobrien.com or hit ’em up @ Amazon!


~ by chaosrexmachinae on January 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Port O’Brien – Do they dare call themselves Indie Rock music?!”

  1. Not bad, I kind of like how the two songs start out offensively bad, but turn into something that makes me feel as though it was worth listening to.

  2. Dude, if only everything in life could be described that way…

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