Where the hell is Chaos?

Things have been rather crazy here lately at Chaos Rex HQ, so updates have been tragically sparse. But, since we write interesting blog posts that are unlike anything else in existence, to routinely get that high-quality product sometimes ya gotta delay the rapid-fire postings — kapicz?


I was outside of a Mexican food stand in Bern, Switzerland the other day where I happened to meet a professional musician by the name of Richard Cousins. He actually started talking to me when he heard me speaking english and turns out he’s an accomplished musician who has played on a number of serious recordings and tours.

Anyway, he was very friendly, high energy and rather interesting. It was nice to meet him and he left me with some funny comments that stayed with me the whole trip. Too bad I couldn’t see him play that night.

His playing is good though, seriously. Check it out. He’s worked with some of the greats (or maybe he is one himself? Ho ho!).


I seem to keep neglecting to write about the genius that is 3rd & the Mortal, Chris Huelsbeck, Michael Lee Firkins and other stuff. By promising to write about it on here, it should force me to get started.

And those Batman OST posts, they’re like 85% done and I wrote a hell of a lot for ’em so that’s coming up someday in the near future.

Also, did everyone else know that Clint Eastwood is a composer? He wrote the musical scores to his last five films. I haven’t seen any of them, but now I’m kind of interested.


Of deeper interest, I’ve got a post coming up about how people should successfully go about covering songs with a band/on their own and in a manner that is viable to release to the public (i.e. a worthwhile pursuit that isn’t self-masturbatory).

And then additionally how that relates to actually composing music, as well as other juicy secrets of the universe (you guys seem to think I’m kidding about these secrets of the universe, but I’m like not, man! [Exaggerations layered on sarcasm layered on exaggerations…(parenthetical comments inside parenthetical comments – this is some obnoxious smart-alecky shite)]).

And then I have something written out about the legacy of the guitar in our era and how it has become *gasp* singing for boys!!! I guess it could also mean I’m sexist and ignorant. But it are trve what dey says: u can’t tame the beast!!! 666!!! Lol!!!!one!!!


Stay alert, les muchachos! A tenacious winter solstice to you all!


~ by chaosrexmachinae on December 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Where the hell is Chaos?”

  1. Have we bonded over 3rd and the Mortal before? For some reason I don’t remember doing so, but on a top 5 list of my favorite albums, 2 would be their’s (Tears Laid in Earth and Memoirs)

  2. Yar, I’ve been a fan of Memoirs since it first came out all those Earth-years ago. Perchance we did discuss it many a time. I used to always get them, Lacuna Coil and The Gathering all mixed up. However, I think I actually like 3rd and the Mortal the best of the three.

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