Some Mega Man tunes you might not have heard (Part 2)

This post is a continuation in my series about uncelebrated Mega Man music. The first in the series was about Mega Man 7.


Mega Man 6 was the last Mega Man game released for the original NES. I actually bought it during the summer of 1994, when I came back home to the US to visit family and friends (I was living en Suisse/Schweiz).

This is what the title screen looks like, etc.Brave new formula for Capcom

I’ve seen complaints about this soundtrack, but it’s not all bad. And the music in the fortresses/later stages, is quite f’ing badass. It’s true that at the time of 6’s release, the NES Mega Man series was probably not a huge cash crop for Capcom. The music in 6 is perhaps a tad bit superior to 5, but it’s hard to say. 5 had some off-the-wall stuff and is done by yet another different composer. It’s not the same team who did the classics, however. The music for Mega Man 3 and 4 (which, along with Mega Man 2, had some of the best Nintendo music in existence) was done by the elusive and mysterious Bun-bun, whose real identity might never be shewn!

Mega Man’s dog needs a bomb sniffing function in this oneCONCLUDE WITH YOUR OWN JOKES

The music in 6 sort of reflects the conclusion of the series to me: it was (*cliche alert*) “the end of an era.” I wrote about Mega Man 7 before, and I don’t think it nearly managed to encapsulate what Mega Man was all about on the NES. And I don’t think the music in 7 lived up to the franchise. But 6 is interesting, and the songs go off in new directions I wouldn’t expect of a game on the NES. The gameplay is also really quite top-notch and throws in new obstacles to the typical Mega Man fare.

Ooo you almost got me.Ah…spikes! Megaman’s nefarious arch-enemy!

The compositions aren’t quite as melancholy as they were in the past, but contain the sentiment that one is exploring new places, that one is trying out something new or (*unnecessary cliche alert*) “standing in someone else’s shoes”. It’s somewhat complicated to explain, but this is sort of how the music makes me feel. It’s sort of untraditional in one respect, but in another the songs feels like they’re making an honest salute to the music that the series had offered us over the years. I’ll stop with the, uh, “spiritual/ancestral” allusions here, as well as the cliche alerts. Boy, do I has problem…

Capcom (Yuko) – Dr. Wily’s Castle – Mega Man VI (NES)
Capcom (Yuko) – Ending Theme – Mega Man VI
Capcom (Yuko) – Finale – Mega Man VI
Capcom (Yuko) – Flame Man – Mega Man VI

The tracks individually exercise a surprising amount of variety within themselves. Some of these tracks have stuck with me in my mind and own melodious mannerisms throughout the years, even though I did not notice it until I recently went back and played the game again. I also noticed the graphics are some of the most impressive seen on the NES. Really, this is some Castlevania III or Ninja Gaiden or similar such business in that respect.

Mega Man has a real mean farmer’s tan MEGA MAN, CREATURE OF THE NIGHT

Check it out.

It ain’t new (gumshoe), but it’s loads better than what’s out now (brown cow).


*Somehow, my copy of this game has ended up in the hands of Jonathonian, but I think he probably got some decent use out of it. Hopefully he’ll lend it back to me for a spin one day (*wink*wink*).


~ by chaosrexmachinae on November 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Some Mega Man tunes you might not have heard (Part 2)”

  1. I actually think Justin Shapiro has it, but claims it as his own. Don’t worry, I’ll shell out the $3 to get you a new one, should you so desire.

  2. Ah, selective memory. Is there any other kind?

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