Sound-on-Sound, August 2oo7

I totally forgot to plug the August issue of Sound on Sound. It has a nice big feature article about amplifier recording techniques and interviews over twenty different engineers from various landmark mainstream music albums. Covered are a plethora of recording techniques I never would have thought of, often using only two or three SM-57s. Of course, the amps, guitars and mixing boards you’re using matter quite a bit as well, but just tooling around with some of the ideas proposed in this issue yielded a big difference in the sound quality of recordings on my ten-year-old Tascam 4-track.

Behold thy endless tomb of knowledgeI can sense your eyeballs drying up with boredom…

I should’ve mentioned this issue earlier, as I doubt it is still on the newsstands. Too bad, because it packs more information in one article than a year at a Florida audio engineering program. They even (albeit very briefly) cover the guitar tones used on Rust in Peace!


~ by chaosrexmachinae on September 3, 2007.

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