Fenriz and the Source of Videogame Music

I was reading a pretty cool interview with Fenriz (from Darkthrone) the other day, where he says – among other things – his band’s goals being about finding the source of metal. It spoke to me, because that’s sort of how I feel about looking for old-school video game music. I’m on some quest to dig up the source of that music and what it sounds like, what inspires it and what it represents. I could simply write about it, but it’s much more exciting and provocative to present a musical synthesis of my interpretation of what that music really is. This is what Fenriz is doing with Darkthrone and heavy metal (so it sounds a lot like some classic ’80s thrash meets Motorhead meets black metal). I also like his allegories: how most people, in life, just want a diamond given to them – they don’t want to look for the diamond. But the quest for the diamond is what life is all about.

This image is from nescentral.com - No joke (I’m serious for once)

Anyway, today I decided to rip some gems from the Wizards and Warriors III soundtrack for the original Nintendo/Famicom. Unfortunately, Wizards and Warriors III: Kuros’ Vision of Power is the only game in the series I don’t own and have not played. But the descriptions I’ve read of it make it sound quite excellent. The music from the game is absolutely fantastic. They are some super ancient/mystical sounding jams. More fun than torture in a medieval dungeon. Enjoy!

Acclaim – Track 11 – Wizards & Warriors III
Acclaim – Track 17 (Main Theme) – Wizards & Warriors III
Acclaim – Track 18 – Wizards & Warriors III
Acclaim – Track 19 – Wizards & Warriors III

Sorry for the lack of track titles, but I couldn’t find any. The music in the series gets further developed with each release, so each one of the games warrants its own post. I’ll put some of the Wizards and Warriors II: Ironsword music up in the next week or so.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on August 30, 2007.

One Response to “Fenriz and the Source of Videogame Music”

  1. Love wizards and warriors!!!


    is my favorite game!!!!!!!!

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