Thunderforce, the Fifth

Thunderforce V was released for the first Playstation home gaming console in 1997 by the company Technosoft. It is a superior quality side-scrolling arcade shooter with state-of-the-art graphics and illegally awesome heavy metal. In a world where it is against the law to rock, Thunderforce V wreaks its own sick brand of vigilante justice.

The game has a stereo-quality, studio soundtrack with live samples included in all the especially wicked keyboard pads, drum and guitar synths, etc. It sounds almost like an early Vitalij Kuprij (virtuostic European keyboard master) album crossed with some of Ayreon‘s (psychedelic/space-power/prog metal) sounds.

Probably the most well-regarded musical track on this album is “Legendary Wings,” which S.S.H. covers over at his site. While listening, just close your eyes and you can vividly imagine piloting a solo space fighter-jet, armed with infinite laser bullets. Hearing this song is kinda like taking the red pill by accident. **guitar squeal**

Friends, this game also has songs with titles like “Steel of Destiny,” “Fatherless Baby” and “Return to Blue Sky.” In other words, it doesn’t fool around (what?). “Steel of Destiny” is pretty worthy of knowing by heart, and so is nearly everything else Technosoft unraveled for this game. Some of the slower tracks move towards sounding like the Ikaruga OST, which has very mid-slow paced ambient synths and strings with tasteful reverberation and chorus effects. This creates a wall of ambience and reverb, making the atmosphere of the game and plot seem very physically expansive and empty.

Check out the dub-like emulation on the track, “Beast Jungle” and the gorgeous chorus harmonies on “A3”. The ending theme is really awesome, when the AI computer talks to you over a feel-good, conclusive piano melody. Unfortunately for you, that song is not included here. Laughs are being had as we speak.

Technosoft – Legendary Wings – Thunderforce V
Technosoft – Beast Jungle – Thunderforce V
Technosoft – Rising Blue Lightning – Thunderforce V
Technosoft – A3 – Thunderforce V
Technosoft – Cyber Cave – Thunderforce V

A quick observation for all you all –

Have you noticed that with the advent of laptops, iPods and Ikea furniture – everyone’s apartment looks like a set from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Food for thought, chirren… food for thought.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on August 20, 2007.

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