Tyrian, Tyrian, Tyrian

This past Tuesday evening me and the Fieldsurgeon were killing some time watching Tyrian videos over on youtube (we were doing this on his tv too, which kinda reminded me of how close skyNET is to self-realising). Tyrian is one hell of awesome 2-D shooter. If you know me at all, you know I am rather seduced by the 2-D shooter or “shmup.”

This picture sounds awesomeYou know a game is good when the menu screens have bomb-droppin’ tunes

The only reason I haven’t been spending my time playing Tyrian instead of constantly refreshing my own blog, is because the original game doesn’t run in XP. Don’t even ask about Vista, ’cause that jazz ain’t for humans. Fortunately for all of us who don’t still have a real MS-DOS emulator, there are now Tyrian remakes that allow it to run on XP with all the original game facets still intact. I guess I can say good-bye to the old days of blog refreshment. That’s up to you guys now. Punish that F5 key for me, will ya?

The music in Tyrian was done by Alexander Brandon, who is well-known for his work on Epic/Megagames’ products. You’ve heard his jams if you’ve played any Unreal Tournament. Tyrian’s music hit me right from the first time I fired up the demo. In fact, the music stood out more than the gameplay. It has that awesome early-mid ’90s Sound Blaster 16 sound. The sounds used here are, to me, an epitomy of chiptunes. It’s like a more mature Genesis sound board. It takes a pretty talented composer to stick songs in your memory after hearing them only once.

Alexander Brandon – Asteroid Dance Part 1 – Tyrian OST
Alexander Brandon – Buy & Sell Music – Tyrian OST
Alexander Brandon – The Final Edge – Tyrian OST
Alexander Brandon – Tunneling Trolls – Tyrian OST
Alexander Brandon – Tyrian (the level) – Tyrian OST

This game has so many hot jams I wish I could post them all. This soundtrack was ripped by Rimo but I don’t see any downloads on his site, which looks like a geocities mirror or something.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on August 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “Tyrian, Tyrian, Tyrian”


  2. Perhaps you mean Ikaruga? I’ve actually yet to encounter an actual Dreamcast copy of the game (as opposed to the Gamecube re-release).

  3. Ikaruga was only released on Dreamcast in Japan. You’ll need to either chip your DC (not very likely anymore) or obtain a self-booting pirate copy that WILL boot on any region. The Dreamcast version is superior to the GC version, especially if you have a VGA box.

  4. Whoa that sounds worthwhile, although I’ve never heard of self-booting pirate copies… Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Ikaruga is also on the xbox arcade if anyone has a 360 i played the demo earlier this week.

  6. Nice! My friend has a 360, so maybe I’ll try hitting that up. Thanks for the word.

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