Chiptunes Bands? Yes!!!

DJ DJ and Jonbro managed to inform me of the Blipfestival.

To give you an example of the level of awesome on display at this joint, 2006’s festival had things like this:

Super Mario Movie

Hacked NES cartridge reprogrammed to generate a new audiovisual work using the original factory-loaded graphic elements. “The movie is gonna be about how Mario’s world is falling apart. Like mad max, but in 8bits.”
By Cory Arcangel / Paper Rad. 15 minutes.

I was actually pitching the idea of making real films with old video games to some crappy people I was hanging out with a few years ago. Crappy people who actually liked making movies (imagine that). Needless to say, they weren’t interested in the goldmine proposed…

Check out those 2006 blipfestival band links. Some of that shite is seriously legitimate. I don’t like indie rock bands very much, but amananaguchi tears it up. And the dude is only 18? Way to fudge the hell out of my seratonin levels, bro. They’re playing Baltimore on the 25th. I’m going to have just left the country. If you guys living in Baltimore and DC don’t hit that up, shame on you!

Check out the compositions by lady bubblyfish. I don’t know about web pages that are so over the top they nearly crash firefox, but these songs are awesome. It’s almost like drone done on gameboy/NES sound boards.

And I almost forgot to mention, Nullsleep writes awesome original NES and Game Boy compositions. Melodic, catchy and everything.

Good grief, these guys are on the ball. This stuff should make you all so restless that you’re running over poor people just to get back to your house and record some jams.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on August 7, 2007.

One Response to “Chiptunes Bands? Yes!!!”

  1. Hopefully the Mario Movie will be better than BitMonkey’s, that shitty show on that channel for dorks.

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