Livin’ the Nineties, nineties, nineties…

Have any of you watched the old-school anime, Hokuto no Ken? It’s known as Fist of the North Star in english. I actually haven’t watched a whole lot of the show. When it comes to dark, dystopic shows with a super muscular protagonist, I’m more of a Berserk man myself.

But some of the Hokuto no Ken music rocks like nobody’s business. Here’s the opening song from the first show, back in 1983-1984.

I actually like the sequel’s opening song a little better, although the characters’ actions don’t really flow with the music… It’s kind of funny how everyone in this universe has overly developed arm muscles. You’d need a lot of water to survive with those in the desert… Stuff kinda makes you yearn for a little Baki the Grappler, doesn’t it? Does it not?

Hokuto no Ken 2 – 1986-1987 or thereabouts.

Was that a horse?! In the nineties??? Get outta town! I really like the second song – it has been the source of many a jam sesh.


~ by chaosrexmachinae on July 21, 2007.

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